Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Just another example of the differences between men and women

Women are from Venus, Men are from Mars.  We've read the books, heard the experts.  There are indeed inherit differences.  I wrote about it this summer when an engine came down the street in the middle of the night and his was response was, "Oh, probably just a man down." and the snoring resumed.

I saw it again last week.

Strep throat has been going through my house, somehow hitting only the XXs of the house.  Probably because the girls' share a room, O still sucks her fingers (I am working on it) and I am their main caretaker, we all got hit.  O we discovered accidentally...we took her in to get her nose checked (from her fall before Christmas) and came home with a script for amoxicillin.  Wednesday, D developed a fever and horribly sore throat.  And last Wednesday night/Thursday morning, I ended up with a 102.7 fever and my throat on fire.  We are all on our meds and bouncing back.  Although, for a stretch of the drive down Friday, I wondered if I had rushed it.  Ah, well.  I was already more than half way there.

A side of antibiotics is always a nice way to start the day, don't you think!

Anyway.  I stayed home with D last Thursday, misery loves company, right.  My FF was just getting off shift. He drove two counties away to take the other three stooges to school for me, leaving the infirmary ward at home to rest.  With D you could tell when her Tylenol and Advil started to wear off and take effect based on her energy level.  I worked with her while attempting to sleep - not happening.  I was looking forward to my FF making his way back from the school two counties away so I could sleep.

Silly mommy, naps are for daddies. 

Yeah, there was no nap happening until well after lunch time when I got D to lay down and sleep.  She was miserable at that point, to be certain.
I finally got her to sleep when my hubby went to
get the three stooges from school.

Daddy, coming of shift had no issues ignoring the 1st grader and sleeping instantly.  I was hoping he'd nap in the living room.  Yeah, that was not happenin'.  After third request for something to drink or eat, I resigned and went out to the living room.  Made her lunch and rested when I could.    Daddy, slept right through it, never hearing any of it.  I am not surprised or even angry.  Had he been the one with the strep dx, you can bet he'd been sure to be sleeping his way back to health.  Ah well, he made dinner and picked up/dropped of the kids.  Not really complaining.  I just wish I knew the secret...

Spread the love to your muppets and firefighters.  Fight to keep those New Year, New You resolutions.  Enjoy your week.  FFs, stay safe and come home.

Oh the way...who are the Bears playing this weekend??  Oh, you mean their not playing this week, they didn't make the play-offs??  They're done??  So sad... <evil snicker>

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