Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Stolen Dates

Our Engagement Picture, 1996
Lately, my hubby and I have been stealing dates.  Like leaving our oldest in charge of the ranch while we run to the grocery store.  Not only is it really nice to NOT take my children to the store, I really enjoy the time spent with my husband, even if it is at the grocery store.  I can make jokes that I can no longer make at home, because they might not go over N's head any more.  I can stick my tongue out at him without being scolded when one of the muppets sees it. We can talk and laugh and not mediate, all while grocery shopping.  We have kind of found each other again.

My Bachelor's Degree, 1997
Sometimes it is as easy as making a meal, sending the three stooges to bed and grabbing a late meal - either at home in the dining room (alone - what a luxury) or grabbing something while we were at the store or running errands.  We have been stealing lunch dates.  Other times it is as simple as talking to each other without the kids tattling or dogs barking or someone breaking something or...or...or...or...

So, when trying to spice things up, what if you simply try to find what you fell in love with in the first place.  Have fun, play games, laugh, go on dates, fall in love all over again.  Find time to be husband and wife, a couple - especially when life is causing you to go in a million bazillion different directions (here is where I get the eye-roll and "really? a million bazillion??" sarcastic remark from said husband).  Focus on finding each other and that is so easily lost.  Rediscover each other, you are not the same person that you were when you got married - life and marriage changes us.

Hug your muppets and love your FFs.  Fall in love all over again.  Smile, hold hands, laugh and love.  But don't get drunk and shoot anyone...or each other.  That just makes a mess you'll both have to clean up later.  But, goofy pictures are always fun!

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