Monday, January 28, 2013

Some of the Perks of this Crazy Life.

Having a sick muppet and no one has to worry about whether or not they get a sub or about putting together sub plans.  Firefighters don't have to worry about getting a replacement, if it is Monday - when it is not their shift day. And, if she doesn't perk up, there's a good chance he can get a city-owed trade for tomorrow and play Daddy all day again.

For all of the insanity, there are definitely some perks.  And today is one of those days.

Feel better baby girl.  Daddy take care of that little muppet - and use the hand sanitizer so you are not the next victim.

Everyone else, show your muppets and FFs some love and enjoy this lovely, dreary Monday.

UPDATE - FF called on his way home the MD's office - before his phone died.  O has bronchiolitis. It landed Zuzu in the hospital for a week (at a much younger age, after being blown off by Children's ER and 2 walk-in clinic docs - not that I am bitter about it, still, or anything).  So, I am glad we got it taken care of right away.  Neubulizers and more details when I get home.
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