Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Lord Works in Mysterious Ways

That was what my mom told me this AM.

I have been up with our sick youngest since 1:57 AM.  She came in complaining that her head hurt and had a RAGING fever.  I am telling you, I cannot fight this fever off to save my soul. It keeps on a coming and kicking her little butt.  Three breathing treatments a day, kiddie Afrin and trying to get her to eat and drink...still not working. 

So, I took her out to the living room where we watched TV for a bit and she finally dozed off shortly before 4am.  That allowed me to doze...until I had a really weird dream that one of my English teachers from HS (whom I also worked with) kept bumping into us while belly dancing when we were laying on the couch.  I jumped up to turn on the light and tell her to be careful, I realized that she was not really there.  VERY weird.  I will have to tell her about it later today.  Anyway, then my lovely FF set my son's iPod to QUACK just before I normally get him up, but unfortunately he had a tirade earlier in the week that got it taken away from him and it woke me up instead - in a state of FRIGHT!!

My FF was amazing in getting the oldest three stooges up and ready, making sure dogs were fed and lunches made. I calmed my sad little girl who can't go on the school trip to Jump America today.  And we made our way to school, in the rain and dreariness that has started our day.  I really don't remember much of the ride down - which in and of itself, is really quite scary!! But, nonetheless, we got here safe.

And, for those of you who do not believe in Divine Intervention, have I got a story for you!

So, zombie morning = need for caffeine.  I am a Coke drinker - it is my happy juice of choice.  Straight up, non diet, high fructose corn syrup Coke.  BUT, New Year, New You...I am trying to cut back on the pop as much as possible.  Which SUCKS on days like this.  So, instead of my usual Coke jump-started mornings, I have been drinking Mio flavored water - lots of it.  However, this morning one of my students brought Starbucks in for me.  I don't drink coffee.  She knows that, so she brought me a Grande Java Double Chocolate Chip Frappacino.  I almost passed on it, after all, I don't drink coffee. (Think of the joke with the guys during the flood, who passes on the row boat, the cruise ship and the helicopter because the Lord would save him...)  Once I got the first few drinks, the coffee after taste was not so noticeable.  And for Catholic Schools Week, student council gave us a bag of Spearmint Life-Savers with "Keeping the Faith Fresh" taped to them - to fight off coffee breath after my coffee flavored caffeine exposure.

It made for a day that could have miserable, actually surprisingly pleasant.  So, when your prayer for the day starts with, "Lord, just help me get through today."  It will be answered, in the most surprising of fashions.  Like a Grande Java Double Chocolate Chip Frap and some spearmint Life-Savers.  Never saw that coming!  The Lord does work in mysterious ways, sometimes even through Starbucks!

Kiss those FFs and remind that you love them, even when they are sleeping soundly through sick kids coming downstairs and you are the one that has to get up a O'Dark Hundred to actually GO to work in the morning.  Hug your muppets, especially if they look like they have been run over by a bus.  

Yesterday, trying to get to the mid 60s, causing everything to melt, thunderstorms, mud.  Today, freezing temps and lots of pretty snow.  Tomorrow, zero and below zero wind chills.  Gotta love the weather in Wisconsin!  Happy Wednesday!
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