Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Just a little rant...

Okay, I need to say this.  My poor husband got an earful this morning at breakfast.  If you are offended, I mean no offense.

I saw a ton of fussing about firefighters being on shift.  Many were young gals, some were not.  Holidays are a crappy part of the job...unless you like getting out of family drama, then I guess it is a perk.  But, it comes with the bunker gear.  You know it is coming as soon as your shift is assigned.  We find that we plan months in advance for holidays and birthdays, for school functions and summer barbeques.  Planning comes with the world as well.

I don't like it anymore than anyone else.  But it is indeed part of life.  We know that.  

So, knowing that, you have two options.  Option #1 - accept it.  Option #2 - have a pity party and feel bad.  Personally, I prefer to put on my big girl pants and accepting it.  We (the muppets and I) had originally planned on joining some friends of ours last night for some NYE celebrations, but the strep bug has made its way into our home and one of the little guys who would have been at the party can't afford to be exposed to it.  So we were onto plan B.

Plan B included a trip to the dollar store for hats and noise makers and a trip to the grocery store for chips and Sunny D.  We busted out the Wii Motes, wore our goofy hats and bugged the dogs with our noisemakers. We had a toast with "kid wine" that made my girls giggle from the carbonation in the apple juice and enjoyed using real wine glasses. My boys made it until well after midnight and loved watching the ball drop.  D melted down and turned into pumpkin mush at 9am.

It was fun.

And it was in the middle of a 48.

When your firefighter has to work on a holiday, it does have an impact on those left at home.  But, it is totally up to us how we care to deal with that.  You can sit at home a feel bad or you can go out and enjoy your friends and family.  I would LOVE a GNO.  NYE would be a perfect excuse. If we didn't all have kids...

So for 2013, decide on what your goals are.  If you are having a hard time with the fire life, join the auxiliary, make friends with other fire wives - both in the department and out.  We get this world.  Be sure you are also still supportive of your FF.  Remember, the FFs would more than likely rather be at home with their families or out with their friends, as well.  Own this crazy life and make it you own.  It can be constricting if you let it.  Don't let it.  Instead use the time to make memories.

If you did not get to kiss your FF at the strike of 12, be sure there is a New Year's kiss after naptime is over.  Hug your kids and remind them that the New Year is a new start for everyone.  Make 2013 the best yet.

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