Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Idle Hands

I seem to do this every time I finish a project.  I start looking for what to do next.  I suppose, not entirely a bad thing, but sometimes I might be bordering on obsessive.  

I finished my camera bag on Sunday and now I am looking for something new.

I think I have decided on making a camera strap.  But DANGIT, most of the tutorials require a sewing machine.  <sigh>  I may have to break down and just figure it out.  Overcome my fears.  Be brave.  Suck it up, Buttercup.  Insert chosen cliche of the day here.

Or, just rely on Mod Podge and Glitter, with some pretty stones for good measure like this one from  That is ALWAYS a possibility!!!

Happy half way to Friday-day.  My FF is on shift - I can hit the DVR.  My muppets are going a bit stir crazy from the subzero weather.  My laundry is done - only two loads to fold.  Life is indeed good!  Kiss your FFs and tell them you love them.  Hug your muppets and LISTEN to them.
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