Wednesday, January 30, 2013

FFW on Fire Life

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Tonight Lori, the owner of FFW had the opportunity to speak about the roller coaster on Fire Engineering Talk Radio with Mike Gagliano and his lovely bride, Annie.  (You can check them out at  It was an amazing experience!  It was also a GREAT opportunity for us to start a conversation about what this crazy life is like on the other side of the bunker gear - the side that is keeping the home fires burning while our FFs are putting out fires (literal and not so) all shift. 

And, in typical Fire Wife Fashion, Mike's server crashed and Lori never missed a beat.  If you have a moment, take a listen.  Send it on.  And now, after being up since before 2am, I am going to allow myself to crash for the night.  

Thanks again to Mike for having us and to Lori for including me.  A special shout out to my FF - he kept the muppets from crawling under the crack under the bedroom door and the k9s from putting an all dog alert in place.  He got them fed and in bed for me.  He is amazing.

I am off to kiss my FF and CRASH.  Once again, Happy Wednesday.  Two more days to go and the weekend will be here!  Hug your muppets and show your FF some love.  Be sure to give them the props they deserve when they go above and beyond like mine did.

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