Wednesday, January 16, 2013

It is a sad story, really.

I have a fear of sewing machines.  There is no name for it, so sometimes I feel like I am the only one.  There is a perfectly good vintage sewing machine waiting for me to rescue it from storage.  But, I have no desire.  (Perhaps it is a childhood fear - I did put a hole in my forehead after running through the house, tripping over a phone cord and cracking my head open on the pedal of an antique sewing machine.  I have the scar to prove it.)  I have become more domestic over the last few years.  I have found that I can use the kitchen without burning down the house.  I have gotten kitchen related gifts over the last few years without feeling offended.  I have made my own pasta and fallen in love with my monster kitchen aid mixer.  Waffles are made from scratch and not from a box mix.  So, there may just be hope of me learning to sew...if I can stop hyperventilating at the thought if it.

But for now, NOPE!

I have a task at hand. I have become very much a DIY kind of gal.  It started with jewelry and has exploded from there.  It saves money and there is some very real satisfaction in doing something yourself - with your own hands.

I am comfortable with table saws, band saws, miter saws, drill presses, palm sanders...I loved shop as a kid.  Absolutely LOVED it.  Home Ec...that was another sad story.  I burned my hands when someone bumped me and I broke my fall on the heated oven grate.  I was terrified of the sewing machine, so the only thing I took from the sewing portion of home ec. in 8th grade was how to sew on a button.  My sad little goose pillow was sewn by hand, not by machine. And you could tell as his head flopped to the side. I was scared to death of sewing my fingers together.

And that fear continues to this day.

Idea from,
guest blogger Carly at 
Now, I have a project that really would be benefited by the use of a sewing machine.  I would like to make a  camera bag out of a purse. Right now I have nothing.  My camera and lenses and all the cords, chargers, accessories, memory cards, flash drives, have no home.  Nothing has happened, but it is indeed a very real possibility with 4 muppets and 2 very large waggidy tails.  And...just a matter of time.  I have looked at traditional camera bags and noticed two things.  One, they scream EXPENSIVE CAMERA EQUIPMENT, PLEASE STEAL ME!  Two, they are just plain ugly.  I see a 60 year-old man when I look at them.  So, even though I am not a purse carrier (although I do carry one - mainly for my epi-pen and various chargers)  this seems to be a better option.  I am also hoping this will let me feel more comfortable taking my camera places, where right now I rely on my GS II camera for day to day pics.  A bit of a waste.

 I found an amazing plan on one of my favorite blogs - The Frugal  Indeed suggest you add them to your must read list. At least take a look at the plans laid out.  I fell in love.  Materials - purse, foam, fabric, Velcro, needle and thread. 
I am just not a purse kinda gal,
this might have been the hardest part.

I have the purse ordered - clearance from Target.  Fabric and foam from JoAnn Fabric - also on sale.  They will be here in about a week, so I have some time to plan.
I needed fun fabric.

My original plan was to hit up a FFW gal pal, Fire Wife Elly (be sure to take a look at her blog here), as she is significantly less likely to sew her fingers together as I am.  I did indeed offer to bring the liquid refreshments.  BUT, with my impatient nature, I am not sure I can wait.  So, as I was sitting here thinking, I could indeed do this without a sewing machine...without needle and thread at all.  Stitch Witchery is my friend!  I have used it before and why couldn't I use it now??!!  Cheating??  Perhaps.  I prefer to think of it as creative problem solving.  I may not be able to use a sewing machine (or maybe I can...the world may never know) but, I can use an iron.  That may indeed be the answer.  

I will indeed keep you updated!

My FF has been home since Friday, he heads back to work tomorrow and privately I can't wait.  At the same time, he has been taking care of me through whatever this nasty stomach bug is that seems to have made itself at home in my body and I am oh so grateful and loving him more everyday.  I am back to sleep, now enjoy the day.  Kiss your FF and let your muppets know you love them.
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