Monday, January 21, 2013

My Camera Bag

Glue alleviates the need
for removing uneeded
"stitches" from my hand!
My parts and pieces of the camera bag to be came in pretty quickly.  I was Pinspired by a post on, if you recall from my post the other day.  I was going to put it together Friday, but then the boys had a friends over from the other side of the Fire Wife Compound.  By the time I walked him home it was 9:30pm, by the time I got done chatting with my FFW gal pal, it was 10:30pm.  Saturday and Sunday was more birthday celebrations.  But Sunday - later afternoon, I decided I was going to get started and complete it.  

And I did.  I made some modifications as I went.  I used fabric glue, in lieu of stitching my hand together.  I used funky flannel for my lining.  I did not use Velcro, although I had it on hand.  The nice thing is that the lack of Velcro makes it easier to adjust as I see fit, regardless of where the Velcro strips are attached.  I used memory foam for the bottom, regular foam for the end caps and dividers and quilt batting to cushion the long sides.  Instead of three main sections, I have one for my camera (with lens) and divided the other to hold 2 lenses.  

Chargers and extra batteries
My original purse has two side pockets like the original post, for holding memory cards, flash drives, batteries and chargers, and various other miscellaneous parts and pieces.   

Memory cards, flash drives and lens caps
How do you purse carriers carry such monster purses??
But I do have a question for you ladies who are purse carriers.  I have only carried a purse for the last few years.  It is roughly 4" high and maybe 9 or 10" long.  This is a MONSTER purse.  How do you carry this on a day to day basis?  Aye!

Anyway.  The New Year is a few weeks into her reign.  The POTUS is officially into his 2nd term.  My FF is sleeping after his shift and my people want to be fed.  So, enjoy your day.  Hang out with your muppets and see how their days have gone.  Hug your FFs and tell them how much you love them.  AND don't quit on your New Year's Resolutions...get back on them if you have slipped up.

Happy Monday!
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