Thursday, January 31, 2013

Too Soon??

My hubby has been home with a sick little girl for the whole week.  He decided, even though I was unsure, that she should go back today.  He has been with her. I spent most of last night locked in my bedroom for the chat on Fire Engineering Talk Radio last night.  He fed her, he got her to bed, he did her breathing treatments - he would know.

But when I dropped her off, I don't know.  And now my juniors just brought over her tutu that she was wearing for career day.  She didn't want it anymore.  I will probably be getting her soon.  Just a gut feeling.  Which means that everyone will be coming home, too.  They will be happy and I will feel better.  I wish she was in our building so I could check on her.  Ah well.  The saga of being a momma working away from home. 

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