Sunday, May 20, 2012

Just another opening of another show

03 Another Opening of Another Show.mp3 by The Muppets on Grooveshark
Just another opening of another show.  Cross your fingers and hold your heart.  I loved this piece in college.  We opened every concert with it one year on tour.  And the Muppets performance was the first one I found, how appropriate is that.  Prom is done.  And what a production it was.  The staging was amazing.  The planning paid off.  The weather made my life SO much easier. The DJ went beautifully and the there was no really fussing about my edited play list. There were diva moments and one major drama moment including betrayal with a kiss and a break up.  But overall, a major success.

The hardest part of the night was Promenade...parents.  Says it all.  They came early to stake out their spot and were less than thrilled when we shooed them out. We had a GORGEOUS night and since our hall has an occupancy of 160 and we had 157 there as it was.  One of the hardest parents was a co-worker and screamed at me about the direction we had the couples walk, because she did not have a clear view.  SMH.  Aside from that mom, we probably had 300+ parents who came to see the dresses.  The introduction of the couples went BEAUTIFULLY, introduced by my AMAZING firefighter.  But after court was announced and the king and queen crowned, the kids all wanted to hang out with Mommy and Daddy.  It blew my mind.  I couldn't believe it.  I probably spent half an hour gathering up the kids and telling the parents to have a good night.  And it was like I was ripping them from the womb.  Me?  I would have been like, "Hey, its been fun, but I think you need to head on home now."  (Sorry Mom, I was scarred by Marquette's prom!)

Funny thing, the dancing was just fine.  There was never a moment where the dance floor was not packed.  We took down 4 tables to make more room.  And I don't really think the gansta' rap was missed.  The patio was a nice place to cool off and watch the night life on the golf course.  The sundae bar and photo booth went over beautifully. Set up and take down were swift.  My sheriff deputies were amazing.  Life was good.


When Prom was over, hubby and I headed to Applebee's for the Lakers/OKC game, some wings and some margaritas.  It was nice night, but I am so glad it is over.  Now, I am off to make my list of things to remember for next year and ideas I want to run by my kids.  I also think I am going to create a Facebook page for my officers for next year.  They spend more time there and I figure that will make life much easier when it comes to discussions, especially over the summer.

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