Friday, May 11, 2012

Date Nights

My hubby and I have tried to set aside a set date night for years.  It just hasn't worked.  Someone has been tired or sick or there is a crisis of some sort that comes up. We always say we are going to do it and we never seem to actually do it.  

But since we moved and our 12 year-old requested a little more responsibility, we have found ways to have mini-dates.  We started off with running to the store during naptime and we have evolved from there. Sometimes it is as simple as running to the Home Depot without the kids.  Tuesday night he took me to dinner.  This past weekend we ran to the Italian deli and pick up sausage for pizza night - without the kids.  So, it seems to be that date night is anytime we don't have the kids.  We are not leaving them alone long and we have AMAZING neighbors, so there is really no major concern.  But it is a chance to reconnect as adults, as a couple, without having to continually plan.

I do think that this is where things get off with families.  We lose ourselves, as a couple, in the chaos that parenthood can become.  Seeing as the parents' love is what starts the family, it is the foundation, if it starts to crumble, the stability of the entire family is effected.  So, in my humblest of opinions, that relationship is just as important as anything else within the family unit.  Not to say that we don't all sacrifice something for our kids, just that it can't be our spouse.  especially in a fire family, when the rate of divorce is significantly higher than the general population.  

Kiss your firefighter, hugs your kids and enjoy the day
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