Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Murphy has officially moved in

And made his laws known.  


Sunday...lovely Mother's Day...no fanfare.  Its not my thing.  But, it might have made the day better, starting with breakfast in bed or flowers or something.

I got my lovelies, dressed and out the door before 8am.  We got donuts and called grandpa so he could see the new house.  I was SO excited to paint, as you read in Sunday's post.  I got there and nothing was ready and I mean NOTHING.  There was no way I could tape, much less paint. Now, I am not fussing.  The family we are working with for this house is a fire family and they have been amazing (and will be amazing neighbors), but I was so psyched to paint and yeah, when it did not happen, not so much.  So, we gave my dad a tour, he made his list of things I need to do - typical dad - my muppets played with the fire kids next door.  Not my ideal morning, but it was okay.  

We headed back to my dad's.  He was going to take the kids while I painted, well instead he got me as part of the package deal. I stopped at the firehouse, as my FF forgot his belt and needed me to rescue him, again. Kids played with the neighborhood kids at Grandpa's house.  Kids ate too much junk food, at Grandpa's house. Kids drank too much juice at Grandpa's house and kid #3 puked ALL OVER the table at dinner time.  Was it at grandpa's house?? NOPE, one our of favorite custard/burger joints.  Needless to say, I did not get my free custard Sunday night.  Ran to Wal-Mart after cleaning up the puke covered girl and table.  Got a new outfit for D.  I was NOT going to drive all the way home smelling puke.  NO WAY, NO HOW, NUH UH!

D was fine after puking up all the junk.  And very contrite.  I felt so saddened when she came into my room Monday morning to apologize for ruining my Mother's Day.  I assured her she did not, that she just gave me stories to tell for years to come.  All part of mommyhood.

Monday, I worked hard and found the best deal for trucks for moving.  Hubby is supposed to be moving boxes on Tuesday (today).  Yeah, well, at the end of the school day Monday, he sends me a text to call him. He's not ready.  He did not get guys lined up - after all he gave them 36 hours notice. <eyeroll> He was not ready and was cancelling the truck.  Oh yeah, and all that leg work I did with the movers, he doesn't want to move that weekend either, maybe the following or week after.  (AFTER I got an email from our leasing company for the house we are currently in, the tenant they had lined up to take over our lease fell through and the next in line tenant can't move in until July so we are on the hook for another grand+ in rent for June.  Just good news, after good news, after good news.)

So, poor hubby caught the wrath of frustration that was just oozing out of my pores at this moment.  He even got yelled at because his uncle called me during class, AGAIN.  Not sure how that was his fault, but clearly at that moment, he was the fall guy. 

Did I mention that it is Prom Week and I had JUST gotten done with the court announcements?

AND parents are fussing for their kids' final exam projects early.  I am giving them TWELVE DAYS to get them done.  Really people??  

AND my hubby double booked today so I am flying solo with the kids' concert tonight.  O is never fun at evening events.  She is just too tired.  I need two sets of hands.

Yeah, so I figure my sanity will be back after I get home at SIX O'CLOCK SUNDAY MORNING!  And get some sleep in.  Be patient with me until then...

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