Friday, May 18, 2012

When Did I Get So Old?

I remember listening to the music that had the "Explicit Lyrics" stickers on them - back when it was "censorship" and the music world revolted.  Now, I am finding myself trying not to be a prude as I am going through the playlist for tomorrow's prom.  You know the playlist I have been asking for for TWO WEEKS and I got THIS MORNING.  Here I am frantically trying to get through it before tomorrow.

We are a Catholic high school and as such, even at prom, we have to up hold Catholic values.  Which means, no hoes, bi$%^&*s, no extreme swearing, no drugs, no "dirty dancing", no "lollipops",

I am not used to being the bad guy, as the kids are peeking at my high lighted list of songs that WILL be removed.  I am the cool teacher, not the prude.  I am uncomfortable with this.  Which is odd, seeing as I usually have the role of the hammer, the disciplinarian.  

UGH!  It is awful getting old!  Wish me luck getting through tomorrow.  I am not even sure Post-prom can happen.  I had 7 who bought tickets this morning and 15 by the first high school lunch.  It is a minimum of 100. 
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