Monday, May 14, 2012


This will be the first move of nearly a half dozen since 1997, in which we use a moving company.  I come from a family of movers, so we have straps and pads and hand trucks and appliance dollies and experience.  But, my grandfather is no shape to move anything, although I am certain he will still feel compelled to supervise and my dad just does not like waking up like he is a hundred years old the next day.  In August, my dad packed the truck and my husband got some guys to help us load and unload.  My dad will still probably help supervise, now that I have a Saturday date, but I am going to relieve him of any heavy lifting.

The fun began with quotes - this is for furniture only.  Some places are quoting 8 hours - I don't see 8 hours worth of stuff, especially not from professional movers.  I just don't. Plus they charge for stairs, both ways. And it is getting pricey.  So, I found a group of guys called Starving Artist Movers.  Just as the name implies.  They sound so much more reasonable.  I am hoping to hear back from them today. their quote was 5-6 hours. They use  a 15 passenger van for smaller moves and rent a U-Haul for larger (which means I don't have to do it!).  They rent the truck, pick it up, pack it up and unload it for nearly half the costs.  Plus, so many of my friends are staying true to their art, where the rest of us left it aside for "real" jobs, how can I not look to it.

I will get a final quote after school today.  Then check with my hubby.  I will let you know if we go with them and how it goes.  If all goes well, they will get a total free, glorious review from me, hoping to send a bit more business their way.  Small companies are definitely an asset to our communities.

Is it June yet??
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