Thursday, May 31, 2012

Six Days and Counting

This post was started yesterday...

I am so ready to be done with this move.  I am ready to be able to sit down with my kids and just be.

N's room progressing yesterday.
Jimmy Johnson will soon adorn these walls.
Painting should be done tonight.  Well, almost done anyway. I took the kids with me yesterday and got a whopping ONE room done. Ah well.  My FF came after he was done at the race track, and got the red back on the wall.  (Don't even get me started about the paint girl at Lowe's in Manitowoc who told me I would not need a grey primer for my red walls.  Dummy, always go with your gut! We lost 2 days of painting to that fiasco.) So, N's room - painted, our room - almost done - the former butt crack wall still needs to be tended to.  Dining room - done.  That leaves me with the foyer (if you can call it that), the girls' room and B's room.  I should be able to knock out the kids' rooms tonight and probably get to the butt crack tonight, too.  Especially since my hubby taped off the bedrooms - it will be a breeze.

Packing, still some to be done.  Our bedroom - all non-clothing is packed up. My sweaters and sweatshirts boxed and ready.  I will take up the dresser drawers this weekend - I'm weird like that.  I also saw somewhere that if you "diaper" your hanging clothes, it goes pretty smoothly, so I will do that as well.  Girls' room - done.  Boys' room - half done.  Dining room - never unpacked. :)  Kitchen - haven't touched it.  Office - don't want to touch it.  We're getting there.  To my army wife friends - I don't know how you do this, but iSalud!

Timeline for the week - painting tonight, windows in on Thursday, carpeting in on Thursday, preparing for the weekend's neighborhood rummage sale on Thursday, Family Pictures Friday, FF finish any painting on Friday after he's done at the race track, sell the rummage goods Friday after pictures are done, Saturday AM - rummage sale, pack the kitchen and office, Saturday PM - deliver boxes to the new house.

By this time next week, I will be waiting impatiently for the moving truck.  By this time next month, I will be enjoying my summer.  At least it does not consume the whole summer. I just need to remind myself of that!

...and completed today.

So here are the updates. Probably one more day of painting, I'll get to that tomorrow.  Here is what was completed last night...

Dining room
Okay, so this was done earlier in the week, but I love the color.
Our bedroom - still being completed.  Accent wall in mocha.
Also worked on earlier...

B boy's room.  The color is Gone Fishin' - pretty appropriate since his
theme is sea life- fish, dolphins, clams...
My red room - also picked up a new lamp for this room today.

The girlie girls room, just came home with some
new accessories for the purple paradise.
Notice the lack of sunlight in this one...just sayin'.

So, enjoy your weekend, in case I am not back here.  Tomorrow is a neighborhood rummage sale.  Saturday, too.  (While my hubby packs the kitchen and the office.)  Sunday my hubby is working - go figure! And Monday is the big day!  I will definitely have pictures for you guys next week.  I can't WAIT!

PS - school's out for summer...
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