Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Passive Aggressive, Much?

yup, I can be that way.
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When we moved last summer, I found a big old house.  We were going to rent it until we knew what was going on with residency and then buy it.  I love OLD houses, unless they have not been properly maintained.  This was one of those.  

106 year-old federal style brick house.  We offered to pay for half the cost to replace the hundred and some year-old windows, no go.  We asked for the storms to be fixed and the glazing so that the big window in front or the one in the dining room did not come crashing down.  We asked for storms to replaced.  We asked for something silly like screens for our windows.  I went TWO whole weekends without a toilet - FF was on a 48, of course.  No plumber would come (because we did not own the house) and no one answered at the real estate company office (Whose name and logo I am REFRAINING from posting here).  Yeah, try that in a town where you know NO ONE and you have 4 kids.  Especially when it was because the previous tenants were passive aggressive and stuck an applesauce cup down the toilet.  Or when you blamed the tennis balls on my k9s, you know the ones that were stuffed down whatever the heck that square drain is down in the basement.  A - my pups are not allowed down in the steep basement open stairs would be bad for my old girl's hip.  B - tennis balls were put away because Willow guarded them and Bear wanted them - even though he still has no idea how to use them.  NOT FROM US.  Oh yeah, or the railings on the porch that need to be replaced, but because that would mean bringing them up to code.  Or the gutters that have totally pulled away that were going to be fixed before we moved in.  Or the ROTTING front porch that we are lucky no child has put their foot through.  Or the fact that when you flush the toilet you can hear it draining in the tub.

Now - we are moving in 12 days.  Movers are coming June 4th to get my furniture out of here.  The boxes that I never unpacked because things were so bad here, you know the ones in my 2 1/2 car garage storage unit (where the plywood has rotted away and you said you would fix before we moved in), as well as the kids' non-essentials and the boxes from said basement, they are getting moved tomorrow.  And you want me to let in a window guy to fix the window - glazing, storms and screens, I have been asking you to fix ALL FREAKING WISCONSIN WINTER  LONG?  

Sure, June 5th, feel free.
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