Tuesday, May 8, 2012



I hate moving.  I hate the disruption of my routine.  I hate that I can't find ANYTHING.  I hate living in one place while my stuff is in the other. I hate it.  AND, I hate moving with children.  I have not yet recovered from our move last August.  Can you blame me?  It has only been NINE months and we are moving again.  Two adults (one being a history teacher with her own personal library), FOUR kids (two age 5 or younger, which means TONS of toys) and two BIG dogs.  On the bright side, there were SO many issues with this house, I protested unpacking and so there is a 2 1/2 car garage storage unit full of boxes - like bursting at the seams.

Now, I am SO EXCITED to live in the new house. The boys will each have their own rooms.  The yard is already fenced in.  I have paint colors already picked out!  BEST part, we are right next to another fire family and we hit it off BEAUTIFULLY.   I can't wait to spend summer with them.  Our kids get along great.  I am excited.

Can I just skip the rest of May?  Skip the packing and the moving and the "Honey, have you seen the________________________?" that comes with this.  Can I skip the senioritis that is SO in full swing and my juniors thinking they are already top dog?  Can I skip finals and grades?  PLEASE???

FINE!  I'll be a grown-up and just do what needs to be done, just not with a smile!

So, tomorrow, here is the list of things to pack...
  • Tupperware, that is not absolutely necessary
  •  Girls' toys and stuffed animals - tower o' toys,princess dresses, books that are not still packed from last move, 2 babies per girl and pillow pets will be left for sanity's sake
  • Boys' toys
  • Stemware
  • Cookbooks
Hopefully, this will be the case!
Not really much, but as I look around, there's not much to pack.  I never got this house settled.  It was never truly home. 

So, I am indeed looking forward to the next chapter, just not the dirty work to get there.  I think we might even splurge and get a mover for the furniture and appliances.  That will make life easier for my hubby, seeing as I still have school until the end of the month.  It takes some of the burden off of his shoulders.

And, once we are done, I can enjoy the summer rather than having to get back to school with boxes all over my house!
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