Monday, May 7, 2012

Probably sick of hearing about it

So, if you are, please forgive me and I'll see you tomorrow.  I just can't live with this idea that so many babies are dying when there is no need.

Insert elevator music here...just in case you are sick of listening to me...

Feel free to stop in tomorrow.  I promise it will be something that will make you smile.

Okay, I was sitting on the front porch with my hubby.  Waiting for the storm to come.  Playing with my new love Instagram (I'm slow, I know).  When I decided to check the paper - bad move.

The headline made my stomach turn and the article made it worse. 

Infant electrocuted after sleeping in bed with mom, another child

Really?  All in one phrase?  Bed sharing and electrocution?  And when you read the article, it is even worse.  The danger level is so high, screaming for a fire inspection.  Had that baby been in a Pack N Play, this would NEVER HAVE HAPPENED!  NEVER!  She would still be among us, waiting to flower to a point where she can discover the world.  UGH!  

Had she called any non-emergency line in the city, my husband's rig would have been the one to come and set up the Pack N Play and help with the education process and that baby girl would still be blossoming.  Her momma never had to leave the house.  

I asked J WHY???  It is all over the news.  There is controversy and scary images.  Press conferences and Sleep Summits.  WHY IS THIS STILL HAPPENING?  His answer was simple, they think it won't happen to them.   It happens to other people's babies, not theirs. What is happening is not working, so there needs to be a fresh idea.

So, N and I came up with a plan for the summer.  We are going create a print campaign to take to the MFD and city Health Commissioner to see if they would work with us, using real mommas of angel babies - no posed pictures - with the idea, "Think it can't happen to you, ask the moms of these angel babies.  That was what they thought, too."  Or something along those lines.  He wants to do a fundraiser for more Pack N Plays.  Education and availability.  I am so proud.  Wish us luck!
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