Monday, May 28, 2012


You know how it creeps in, makes you a snappy turtle and you wish you had just bitten your tongue.  Yeah, that was this morning. Stress got to me.  Laundry has piled up and no one seems to want to help.  A controlling a$$ of a boyfriend is literally sucking the life out of the daughter of friends of ours, it is bothering me so much I can't sleep. There is still SO much packing to do and my FF is spending 3 days this week on the fire crew at the race track (not to mention one of those days is when I finally scheduled family pictures - considering we have NEVER had professional ones done - after consulting the calendar that "had all the race days in it") on top of the three days he is on shift this week.  I snapped.

Snapped because we are out of cereal.  Snapped because my kids can't seem to figure out that when the garbage can is overflowing, it is time to take it out.  Snapped because when we moved in August, he worked 48 after 48 after 48 and I had to do the move alone - with 4 kids...and history seems to repeat itself.  Snapped because I still have to close up my classroom, with said 4 kids, because my husband is at the race track.  Snapped because we lost a day of painting because I listened to the girl at Lowe's rather than my gut.  I just snapped.  

And now his phone is dead and I can't even say I am sorry.  I won't see him until later tomorrow night.  Tonight will be one of the busiest shifts he has all year.  The weather will be in the 90s.  The beer will be flowing.  He had 16 runs on Friday, no doubt today will be worse.

I know better.
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