Sunday, May 6, 2012

When I Grow Up, I Want to Be a Daddy

Now, I know that is not possible, without medical intervention.  But, be able to nap, without guilt or be able to not feel bad when I ask the kids to do something menial, that I could easily find sheet pleasure in disaster.  I need to be a daddy when I grow up.

This afternoon, my FF took over muppet duty, after taking us all to breakfast.  Sounds lovely, doesn't it.  Until he lets the kindergartner do dishes.  Now, background.  Our youngest is in a Montessori program.  Doing dishes is a daily part of her day.  So...we have started letting her do the breakfast dishes at home. A couple of bowls, a couples of spoons - life is good. Well, you can imagine how well THAT goes over with her diva big sister.  10 years from now, this won't be an issue. For now, however, the fact that her little sister is allowed to do something she is not.  You can just picture the indignation this creates.

So, I was upstairs, getting caught up on Mad Men and being a bit disappointed in this season.  When J calls me down.  "You HAVE to see this!"   Yeah, not exactly what I had in mind.  Dish soap all over the floor AND ceiling - yes, the 10 foot ceiling of my kitchen.  Water all the way across the kitchen. <sigh>

 Here is what I have deduced -  D, after 10 months of watching Mommy do dishes (wow do I miss my dishwasher), tried to use the sprayer, sprayed herself in the face, jumped startled by the sheer force of the hydration, knocked off my dish soap pump (which is supposed to be on the back of the sink, but given the size of the dishwasher, not an option with this child labor racket my husband has devised), when she jumped. J was laughing hysterically while I was figuring out how I was going to clean that up without killing myself - ahhh, the joys of ten foot ceilings.  And, grumpy because yet another dish soap dispenser has been sacrificed by my offspring.  I think I am missing something that allows me to see the middle school humor in this situation, that everyone else was giggling at.  Oh yeah, I teach with that middle school humor in the hallways all day, that's what it is.
The 4 foot trail of dish soap

Water, across the kitchen- by the stove.  Notice the soaking wet paper towel used to try and hide the evidence.

Dish soap - on the 10 ft ceiling.  Blue is indeed my accent color, just not what I had in mind.

So, enjoy the antics that are my family circus.

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