Thursday, May 24, 2012


Was amazing and crazy, all in one ball of 24 hours.  I went with my kids to HALO with 14 seniors.  We pulled weeds, planted tomatoes and tended to the needs of their teaching gardens.  That was until 9:30ish.  From there, we helped out the food pantry - sorting and reboxing all of the food from the USPS "Stamp Out Hunger" Campaign.  I think we did a total of 9 pallets of food.  The kids were amazing.  Even the volunteers were amazed at the focus of this crew.

I got home, immediately helped my hubby and our amazing neighbors pack up the 26 foot U-Haul for the second trip up to the new house. (He and a few other FFs got the rest of the boxes from the 2.5 car garage storage unit up and into the basement earlier in the day.  They also got the swing set moved, which THRILLED the kids next door.) Where we subsequently unloaded it. (Funny how that works!) I think we made it home around 10pm.  I don't remember falling asleep.  Might have something to do with the 2 hours of sleep I got night before, waking up at 1am.

So, today, I figure by noon, I won't be moving so swiftly.  Then, I have a few days before we do it all over again.  2 more days of classes, 2 more days of exams and then I can focus on my family and home.
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