Sunday, May 13, 2012


So I was a slacker yesterday, I didn't get a post up.  Saturday night was the Senior banquet, which was a lot of fun.  However, it did not leave me a ton of time between getting everyone home and settled, getting ready and heading to the country club, in order to prepare a post.  And yesterday, I slept until 8am which NEVER happens and left for my in-laws for Grandma's Mother's Day/Birthday celebration by 9am.  We got home after 9pm and I was wiped out.  SO, I just never got to it.

Today, is Mother's Day.  My FF is working, of course.  :)  Yesterday he bought me my paint for the new house, I am heading over today to get a few rooms painted.  My dad is taking the muppets in exchange for donuts.  We bought the bold red paint for my living room.  I'll post some pictures tonight to make up for the one I missed yesterday - dang slacker.

So, to all the mommies in the world, Happy Mother's Day.  Enjoy the one day when the world is okay with mom's being the slackers in house.  Rest and let the crew pamper you.  As for me, I will be painting.  And that is an okay way for me to spend my Mother's Day.

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