Thursday, May 31, 2012

It followed me

The curse of the Blue Shift is now the curse of the Green Shift.  So far (knocking on formica before I type this) nothing has gone WRONG, just inconvenient, I guess.

So, yup, this would be me whining.  We have never been at a school that did a Kindergarten completion (I just can't call it a graduation) ceremony before.  D has one today.  O has a little ceremony in the Montessori, as well.  My final is a project, I thought I could sneak over.  You know the perks of having all 4 kids in one PreK-12 academy (that I teach in), right?  Yeah, let's just say, not so much.  We'll leave this discussion for another day.  So, you think I could send my hubs - nope he's working.  Just like he was supposed to work for Prom.  And so it begins.  The Honeymoon is over.  I even tried to move - literally.  Guess I was not fast enough in that regard.  The Curse of Blue Shift, informed the Green Shift and here we are.

Yes, I know.  It is just kindergarten.  But, sadly, D will be the only - no lie - the only one without a mommy or daddy there.  Probably O as well.  I asked our Admissions Director if she would be willing to stand in for me, take pictures.  You know, the usual.  And she is MORE than willing to do so.  I even sent a plea to my hubby last week to see if he could make a trade.  I feel so bad for the girls.  

Sad, I know.  I will be done fussing in a moment.  But for now, I am wishing I could be there with them.  Big picture, really not a big deal.  But for this moment, a little heartbreaking.

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